Mar 26 – The Wind Brings Clarity – Opening the Wind Pool

The Self Care Sessions 2.0

The Wind Brings Clarity – Opening the Wind Pool

* Registration is Now Open *

£10 all tickets per workshop

£50 pass for all workshops (full cycle of  Self Care Sessions: 6 workshops. Dates: 15/01, 29/01, 12/02, 26/02, 12/03 and 26/03. All sessions 19:00-21:00).

Payment is proof your place is reserved. PayPal sends a confirmation email. Credit/Debit payments show as ‘Therapia‘ on your statement. 


Welcome back to Men in Touch Online  Self Care Sessions.

In this series of naturist online workshops we will be focusing on self-care, allowing permission to receive love, comfort and support from ourselves during COVID-19 self-isolation or lockdown.

Workshops will take place once a fortnight, each workshop will be focusing on a different meridian line and ways that is related physically and energetically to our connection with our sensual self, the ability to receive and offer care to ourselves and others.

In this 90 min workshop we’ll start with a grounding meditation, creating a stronger bond with the earth before we work together on a meridian acupressure and self massage sequence focusing on the head and face. The Wind Pool acupressure point dispels exterior and interior wind and clears the head. We will finish the workshop with a grounding yoga nidra session.

Serge has been a bodyworker and massage therapist for over 7 years. During this time he’s supported people with a wide range of injuries, physical and emotional trauma, working both from a clinical and holistic perspective. In 2016, he completed his Yoga Teacher Training, combining his passion for yoga practices, healing and bodywork. When in his classes/workshops, expect hands on work, deep powerful assists, informed adjustments and an invitation to practice your own way

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