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Covid Update

As restrictions are lifted, and we learn how to live with the virus – please help us navigate through this transitionary period.

There are a lot of thoughts and opinions around the subject, and this is not about asking to take sides or provide evidence (scientific or otherwise). It’s about working together in order to immerse ourselves in activities that nourish, heal and bring us together. In this way we can create a safer environment for all of us.

On the day or the day before the workshop please take a home lateral flow test. You can find more info about them here. This will give you an indication of where you stand, if the test is positive, please take a photo and you’ll receive a full refund.

Be mindful and kind to each other. Every person has had a different personal experience of the pandemic in addition to our collective experience. Some people will be more ready than others for those long hugs, others not so much, and that’s perfectly valid. The kindest way to approach this is to use clear language to set your boundaries.

The workshops are adapted to meet those needs. Pairing exercises are set in a way that we can still have body contact and support each other, without being face to face for prolonged periods of time. The space layout and the numbers of participants reflect this as well.

On the event of any of the facilitators gets tested positive before the workshop, you’ll be notified as soon as possible and offered the choice of a refund or a credit for the next workshop.

A kind reminder: being fully vaccinated doesn’t mean that we can’t catch or transmit the virus – so please get tested before and after the event.

By booking you understand that despite all precautions taken there’s still a chance of contracting the virus, regardless of your vaccination status.

Some additional housekeeping points:

Please bring your own towel and water bottle

Use the sanitisers when needed or when prompted

Wash your hands when using the restrooms

Any questions or concerns please contact Serge at

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