Connect to the Power of Your True Sensual Self

Men in Touch UK offers experiential sessions and workshops that help create a deeper connection to yourself and to others. In Europe we collaborate with www.GayLoveSpirit.com and www.Authentic-Eros.com

We work with gay, bi, trans, straight and queer men integrating physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing,  using primarily touch, massage and breath-work, drawing and photography with the aim of bringing well-being to the lives of men.

Individual sessions take integrating body, emotions and spirit further using pleasure as a healing and transformative experience to create a ‘state of love’. This conscious expansive loving state can open a door to new potential, to re-discover ourselves and find deeper ‘meaning in life’. Sessions are available to all genders and sexualities. 

  Our facilitators are experienced in different fields including many massage techniques, breath-work, tantra, meditation and life coaching. Men In Touch prides itself on presenting good quality experiences. If you want us to run an event in your area please contact Serge with your proposal.We are open to skills exchange on some workshops and individual sessions. If you have for example IT skills, market, graphic design or please get in touch: info@BOLDmenintouch.co.uk

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Photo credit at Pexels  by  Steh Nobre

BodyFlow Massage

Treat yourself to a session in London. 

Covid Update :   When restrictions allow, bodywork has to be adapted to follow official guidelines. Please contact Serge.therapia@ymail.com if unsure.


Group Events in London & Europe

Covid Update: 

Offerings have now moved on in-studio events only. Keep an eye on this section for any updates.

Before booking an in-studio workshop please visit the Creating A Safer Space page. 


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