April 23rd – The Penetrating Vessel – Embracing Both Sides

The Self Care Sessions 2.0

The Penetrating Vessel – Embracing Both Sides

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Welcome back to Men in Touch Online Self Care Sessions.

This is the third cycle of this series of naturist online workshops. In this round we will revisit the most popular, impactful and healing themes that  we together found beneficial and supportive throughout a year of Covid restrictions. We’ll be focusing on self-care, allowing permission to receive love, comfort and support from ourselves until we gradually can share space and touch.

In this two hour workshop, we’ll get the chance to observe and explore the male body as a penetrating vessel. Often we see the male body solely as a penetrative force focusing on the socially expected norms of masculinity. The male body is also a vessel of sensuality, read to explored as a receiving space of energy. Time to unify both sides embracing both feminine and masculine energies.

We’ll open this naturist event with meditation, followed by an exploration of the pelvis with acupressure and massage work. For the second hour we’ll engage in solo tantra work experiencing our bodies are penetrative vessels, integrating both masculine and feminine energy into the practice. We’ll close the evening with a beautiful yin yoga session.

Serge has been a bodyworker and massage therapist for over 7 years. During this time he’s supported people with a wide range of injuries, physical and emotional trauma, working both from a clinical and holistic perspective. In 2016, he completed his Yoga Teacher Training, combining his passion for yoga practices, healing and bodywork. When in his classes/workshops, expect hands on work, deep powerful assists, informed adjustments and an invitation to practice your own way.

When: 7-9pm Friday 23rd April 2021, online meeting room open for set up from 18:45

Where: online on the Zoom.us platform – you’ll receive the link on the day of the workshop.

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