November 05 – The Bonobo Experience

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Please contact Serge at for any possible spaces due to last minute cancellations.

£35 first 15 bookings  

£45 next 10 bookings

£28 concession – please scroll down for details 

Payment is proof your place is reserved. PayPal sends a confirmation email. Credit/Debit payments show as ‘Therapia‘ on your statement.

This workshop offers an extraordinary journey into the polyamorous world of bonobos in the company of a human bonobo group.



Our aim is to promote a culture of kindness and compassion through heart activism. A place to share our dreams and fears, desires and longing for community. By taking a leaf out of the Bonobo book, we can start to tap into the creativity that is present in a state of play. Bonobos show us how to use touch and intimacy to create and foster social stability, as well as resolve issues of conflict, without resorting to violence.

This workshop will start with an introduction to bonobos and their fascinating social structure. Then we enter into a safe, held space for consensual interaction and touch. Participants will be guided on a consciousness-altering journey in which they literally return back to the womb and allow themselves to be re-born, with an openness to play, pleasure, and fun. Then, we will explore how Bonobos interact whilst feeding and grooming each other, as well as learning about body language and non-verbal communication.

About Jason:

I am a queer artist/activist and Sexological bodyworker. I am currently Studying a Master Degree at The University of the Arts London. Through my work I am researching the effect of Bonobo behaviour on Humans. I have developed The Bonobo Experience® in order to do this.

I am passionate about sexuality, playfulness, creativity and Bonobo culture. Play is a process that helps us relate to the world in a stress free way. If we use our creativity we can confront things that are challenging, test new boundaries and discover new realms of possibility.

I am very accepting of people’s desires and believe that this enables me to help others on their individual journey.

You can find more information about Jason’s work and the Bonobo Experience here

This workshop is open to new men and those with all levels of experience. It requires you being able to sit comfortably on the floor with both hands free to massage for up to 20 minutes at a time. This is a naturist event, light clothing optional with consensual genital touch . Contact Serge if you have any questions or if you’re unsure if you can attend.

Please bring: a towel to lie on. Water is available during breaks but we recommend you bring a bottle of water to have in the room. Water to refill bottles is available

When: 7-10pm Tuesday 5th November 2019, doors open 6:30pm

WhereNeal’s Yard Meeting Rooms,
14 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DP

You will be using high quality hypoallergenic Biotone Advanced Therapy Gel or/and cream during the massages.

Please arrive freshly showered if possible, and free from the influence of alcohol or other stimulants. Please do not wear any colognes or scent as some men are allergic. 

Usually 20-30 men attend, this event is also published on other platforms (such as the Meetup massage group) so it is advisable to purchase your place as spaces are limited. Thank you.

Cancellation: to be made by email to
          – up to 1 week before the start: 100% refund
– less than 1 week before the start: no refund but you may nominate someone else (by email) to take your place with minimum 3days notice.

Concession: students on low income & people on JSA or ESA. Please send proof to

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