26 – 30 JULY – Wiltshire, UK Queer Spirit Festival 2017

A gathering of Queer spiritual groups and individuals.  A celebration of the passion, love and creative spirit of LGBTQI people. The festival will include ceremonies, rituals, workshops, discussions, yoga, tantra, shamanism, healing-spaces, drumming, dancing and more with the idea that participants will be able to ‘dip their toes’ into a wide range of different groups, workshops, activities and rituals.

Full Festival Pass: £95 to £145.
Weekend-only Festival Pass: £80 to £110.


There is camping space for up to 500 people with cabaret tent, community village, arts, music, magic, chill zone, cafe’s (vegetarian & vegan), stalls, sauna, and so much more! There are plenty of cafe and chill-out spaces and a huge marquee in case it rains.

The festival is a place to meet other LGBTQI+ people in a melting pot of self-expression, playfulness, creativity and love. Sexuality as well as spirituality will be explored at the festival. The festival programme aims to reflect the diversity of queer community in terms of gender, sexuality, race and culture, plus highlight the great work being done by pioneering facilitators, activists and performers who are stretching the boundaries of queer identity and expression.

Please note that pets cannot be accommodated on this site.

Location: Thoulstone Park, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire BA13 4AQ

Information and tickets: www.queerspirit.net/festival

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