09 APRIL – The Heart Meridian: An Exploration in Self Love

The Self Care Sessions 3.0 

The Heart Meridian – An exploration in Self Love


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Welcome back to Men in Touch Online Self Care Sessions.

This is the third cycle of this series of naturist online workshops. In this round we will revisit the most popular, impactful and healing themes that  we together found beneficial and supportive throughout a year of Covid restrictions. We’ll be focusing on self-care, allowing permission to receive love, comfort and support from ourselves until we gradually can share space and touch.

Workshops will take place once a fortnight, each workshop will be focusing on a different meridian line and ways that is related physically and energetically to our connection with our sensual self, the ability to receive and offer care to ourselves and others.

In this two hr workshop we’ll be exploring the connection between the heart meridian line and solo tantra work. In the first part we’ll practice together a soothing and opening meridian acupressure sequence followed by a heart meditation. For the second part we’ll give ourselves permission to receive touch and deep breath over the heart line harnessing the loving energy into a guided solo tantra sequence, movement in freedom and finishing off with a beautiful yoga nidra session.

Where: online on the Zoom.us platform – you’ll receive the link on the day of the workshop.

Preparation: Create a comfortable, cosy space using cushions, pillows, blankets or towels. You can do this on the floor or sitting on a chair. Allow yourself to have your back supported but place a bolster or a cushion between your back and the wall or furniture. You’ll also need massage oil or cream, but any moisturizing cream or coconut oil will work just fine. Water or any non alcoholic drink to keep hydrated. For the yoga nidra closing session you will need comfortable floor space to lay down.

Kind note: This workshop involves genital self-touch and exploration, it’s not an invitation for an online camera sex party. We are navigating through new territory, and my intent is to offer a safe environment for everybody to practice, connect and enjoy. Stay grounded and focused 🙂

Camera: please keep your camera on especially during the first part of the workshop. During the tantra work you can adjust the camera so the lower part of the body isn’t on focus or you can turn your camera off.

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