20, 27 May & 3, 10 June – Transforming conflict into connection


This Level 2 course is a Deeper Dive into Authentic Relating. 

Expanding on your previous experience*, we will  hone our skills of empathic listening, gently explore our comfort zone by vulnerably revealing more of our inner emotional depth, and cultivate  a child-like curiosity about ourselves and one another. “People become interesting when you become interested.” 

{*If you have not taken our Level 1 AR course, please tell us about your previous experience by emailing info@menintouch.co.uk  }

When: 20, 27 May & 3, 10 June 2021 

*Last Call to Join us Tonight! If you’re unsure please drop me a line at info@menintouch.co.uk*

Where: Online via Zoom


  • £70 -£30 sliding scale
  • Scholarships are available with priority given to indigenous, trans and people of colour.
  • Scroll down for the registration form.

* Please note that registration for these sessions will close on May 20th – you’ll have to attend the course from the start to have access to the full material and create a safe space for group dynamics*

Special Guest Teachers: 

Coach Sequoia and Daka Ziji 

imageDaka Ziji 2


More about your teachers here 







In these four 90-minute classes, you will:

  • integrate your three layers of intelligence: gut, heart and brain

  • go deeper with the core practices, to:

    • make the implicit explicit

    • make the hidden revealed

    • make the unspoken spoken

  • play with converting assumptions into genuine interest in one another’s inner world

  • learn how to take ownership of your feelings: converting judgments and blame into being clear with what you need/want from others

  • learn “emotional alchemy”: to harness emotional charge to deepen connection and create more room for choice, instead of defensive reaction.

“Authentic Relating embraces both sides of any polarity…Once we can learn the art of being able to hold or appreciate multiple perspectives, a tremendous amount of relational power and energy become available…”

“Conflict is an opportunity…to truly know ourselves and others by exploring the needs and values underneath our differing perspectives.”

~ from ”Conflict = Energy” by Jason Digges

Registration Form For Transforming Conflict to Connection

Please fill in the form below to express your interest in joining. You will not need to pay at this time.

To complete your registration please donate via PayPal at serge.therapia@ymail.com (Europe & UK). 

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