Art and Tarot


by Chris Butler

Art and Tarot may seem like strange bedfellows but the cards have been one of the underpinning inspirations for Chris Butler’s illustration work. He’s the illustrator of five published Tarot Chris_Butler_2013_cropped_bw/Divination decks and the author of three books on the subject.

The Son Tarot, published by Schiffer Books is the culmination of several years work and self searching. Chris drew heavily on his own coming out experiences but The Son Tarot is also about exploring and celebrating who we are.  As men we come in all shapes and sizes and regardless of what we (or others) may think, our masculinity is powerful and profound. The Son Tarot is about daring to be male and proud. Chris’s hope is that men will use these cards as a mirror to their own souls. They may even find the strength of their own refections quite astonishing. Check out Chris’s web site for purchasing links and for further details.

As an artist, Chris’s other great passion is to celebrate the male face and form. His drawings and paintings have found themselves on walls or in collections as far afield as the United States, Italy and Australia as well as in the UK.

If you would like to commission Chris for a portrait or a work of intimate/erotic art, or if you would like to purchase any of his existing work, drop him a line via his web site, mentioning ‘Men In Touch’ as your contact point.

To view larger images, click on the thumbnails below.

Schiffer_SonTarotThe Son Tarot. Published by Schiffer Books. 2012



Daniel in blue
Daniel in blue. Coloured pencil on board.


John. Pencil on paper.


Ralph asleep.
Ralph asleep. Acrylic on canvas.


Alfie. Pencil and acrylic on board.


2 thoughts on “Art and Tarot”

  1. Fantastic drawings plus some very sensual ones too…love the tarot card thumbnails…
    The nude is an excellent subject.

  2. Excellent drawings especially saying they are penicl, which are as good as any you will see in the National Portrait Gallery. Some are just beautiful.

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