20 December – Buenos Aires, Argentina, BodyFlow Massage

A naturist evening of receiving and giving massage for bi, gay, trans queer men. Learn some simple massage techniques, practice asking for what you want, and discover men through touch. This evening will include a full demonstration and menintouch hug massagepractice of part of the BodyFlow technique.

Join us for an evening that will leave you feeling good in your skin, energised
and connected.

This workshop requires being able to sit comfortably on the floor with both hands free to massage for up to 30 minutes at a time. Please ask if you are not sure if you are fit enough to practice this. 

“Amazing first time with a friendly group of gents. Great ambiance chilled and very relaxed, non-sexual but very sensual. Experienced some truly magical moments.”  


When:  Tuesday 18th December 2016, 18:30 – 21:30
Where:  Central Buenos Aires
Bring: a single-size flat sheet, We also recommend you bring a bottle of water.

Book with:  info@tantraparahombres.com
Info: +549 11 3021 6157
+44 79 6650 2057

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