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I have created this page to help keep us in touch. Often my energy is low and I have needed to focus on getting better. Sometimes I am dealing with some difficult issues and have found it hard to keep in contact with you. 

There are three parts to this page. A summary of my diagnosis. Update on health and Ways you can help.

Health Update

21st November 2018
Blood test today shows my immune system is strong enough to have an appointment at the dentist. Yay ! My taking a two week break has worked.

12th November 2018
I received the CT scan results today after 12 weeks (4 rounds) of Carboplatin and Gemcitabine. The scan shows the cancer is stable, it has not grown or spread and has not reduced. I am disappointed that the cancer has not reduced in size but I have more energy and feel better than 12 weeks ago.

The Oncologist in charge revealed that the protocol allows in total only 8 rounds of this Chemotherapy, after this they let my body recover and see how I get on. There is a second line Chemo that can be used, also for a limited time because of toxicity. This is new information and Laurent and I found it difficult to hear the limited options available from the NHS. It feels more urgent now to research alternative treatments.

I decided to take a two week break to see how i feel off Chemo and give my body a chance to recover and build strength for the next rounds of Chemo and be able to better resist any colds and flus going round.

28th August 2018

I am offered Chemotherapy and it’s and clear that, from the Oncologist point of view, this is palliative not curative treatment.

The Diagnosis

I was diagnosed at the Royal Marsden Chelsea, London with Cholangio carcinoma (bile duct cancer) on 10th August 2018.  and since then have been busy learning about the condition and choosing treatment programme to heal and live the best quality life with this new condition.

Treatments have affected my energy levels and it’s been difficult for me to keep you updated on my health as I have needed to focus my energy on getting better and following the multi-approach to healing and therapy I am taking.

Ways To Help Me

Many have asked how they can help and I have a few suggestions below:

1. I really appreciate messages of love, healing and support (whether by text, What’sAp or email). Sometimes I don’t respond but please have no doubt the impact is that it helps me get through the difficult days.

2 Research Alternative Treatments. I have low energy because of Chemotherapy and dealing with the emotional  impact of cancer. Combined with the morphine I have a lessened ability to focus and follow through on research. It can also be very emotional when I know what I am reading may contains some uncomfortable facts about what could happen for me. If you have time please help me by offering to research one of the areas below:


Ketogenic Diet: ‘How to starve cancer’

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