Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As with all new experiences, whether it’s your first naturist event, or the first event that involves touch, meditation, breathing techniques, sitting still in silence or whether you’re are on a journey to connect with yourself and your true sensual / sexual expression, I appreciate the first step or the thought of the first step can make you nervous and anxious.

But alongside these emotions, there’s excitement and joy in opening up to possibilities and new experiences. Harness that excitement with an open heart!

Here are some FAQs that I’ve been receiving through the years – I hope you find them useful. For anything that’s not covered here, please contact me on

What should I expect during the workshop?

Without over-prepping you by giving away too much of the processes and the activities during the workshop, we start with breathing and meditation fully clothed, then moving into an undressing ritual and into consent exercises. 

The massage exchange happens under demonstration and guidance. 

I don’t want to affect the overall experience for you by laying out everything in advance. However, if you have any specific concerns or questions I’ll be happy to answer them. 

Does this event evolve into a sex party?


But you’re talking about genital massage and tantra work, isn’t this another word for sex?

No. Although a variety of techniques and exercises might involve genital work (depending on the theme of the workshop), the intent is to connect with elements of our sensual self that have been dormant or ignored and experience sensuality and sexual energy fully and not necessarily with the intention of ejaculation. Imagine the sexual energy as a wave, rising and then dispersing through the entire body, before it rises again, bigger and fuller each time.

All that sounds interesting but what happens if I cum?

Although ejaculation isn’t our intention, it happens sometimes as a natural reaction. If that’s where your body leads you, there’s absolutely no shame or judgement . All the exercises happen under guidance and demonstration, so staying with the instructions and focusing on your breath will definitely help you ride the wave.

What if I find this overwhelming?

That’s ok too. There’s an area outside the circle of work, where you can go and cool down, have a break from the activities, or from your partner. There are also assistants that can take your place so you don’t feel bad for letting your partner solo. You can also speak to one of the assistants or the facilitator at any time during or before the workshop.

What if I don’t fancy my partner?

Please remember that this is an inclusive and welcoming space. For you and for everyone else. The intention isn’t to find the ideal partner, or the most attractive to you person to work with. Approach the pairings with an open heart and mind. Some connections will feel stronger and with more chemistry and some others not so much. That’s all part of our journey to deconstruct all these shields and walls around us.

I really want to join, but perhaps when I’m a bit more in shape?

We are an inclusive group, with people of all body shapes and sizes, and everyone is welcome. It’s very liberating to stand tall with all these different men, changing the preconceptions of how a male body should look like. Everyone is different and everyone is their natural, beautiful self.

Do I need prior experience before joining the workshop?

No. The workshops are open to everyone, regardless of prior experience. There’s clear, easy to follow instruction and demonstration during the exercises. Some workshops might be themed to look deeper into massage techniques and would require some experience but in this case it’ll be clearly stated on the description.

Does naturist event means everyone is naked?


Do you offer private workshops or sessions?

Yes. I’m based in SW London, working from my home clinic/yoga space. The current rate is £75 for 1.5 hr and £90 for a mini two hr workshop.
I don’t offer sex work. I love bodywork and the healing aspects of this practice, but as I offer touch through bodywork, yoga and sport massage, I don’t see it as a sexually exciting activity.

I’d love to join with my partner(s), is that a possibility?

Yes! Have a clear and honest conversation about what your objectives are prior to joining a workshop. I’d suggest to reach out to the facilitator and give them some information about your goals and experiences. You can work exclusively in your pair or cluster, or choose to work within the group. Also, consider having a first experience as a private session with the facilitator to establish clear boundaries and open communication channels.

I’d love to join, but the investment is out of my budget at the moment.

That’s no problem. There’s a concession rate for students, NHS workers and people who’re facing some financial difficulties at present. There’s an opportunity for at least one or more spaces to open up for people who have been historically marginalised or under-represented within our community, events and practices. These spaces are free under the MiT scholarship scheme. Either way please feel free to message me to discuss. 

How many people normally attend the workshops?

Post lockdown numbers are much lower, so we can focus in acclimatising in a shared space with other people. Depending on the workshop and / or the month we welcome 12-24 people in Neal’s Yard.

There aren’t many people registered on MeetUp, will the event still go forward?

Yes! The event is advertised on various MeetUp groups, social media and on our mailing list. Therefore, the number of RSVPs on the MeetUp group doesn’t represent the actual number of participants. Also, a lot of people that book don’t RSVP on groups and vice versa.

I’ve placed a booking, but I haven’t received a confirmation email from PayPal.

Depending if you’re using PayPal Credit or using funds from your Bank Account through PayPal, you might not receive a confirmation email. However, your payment is registered on my paypal account and your name will be on the list of participants. If you want to be 100% sure please reach out via email and I’ll double check for you.

What happens after the workshop?

Allow space for yourself to process the experience. Approach any emotions arising with kindness and honesty to yourself. Reflect on what worked for you and what felt good in your body, and what perhaps not so much. You can always contact me to share your thoughts. If you made a connection with someone in the group and you’re both willing to explore more, do so with mindfulness and openness.

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