London Events

Join us on the regular 1st Tuesday of the month evenings in Covent Garden, London to keep in touch & stay connected to men in the city.  


Evenings 1 & 2 are open to new and to experienced men.
Evening 3 is open to experienced men only.

3. Celebrate Your Cock

Tuesday 6th FEBRUARY 2018Celebrate Pic

Covent Garden, London
Led by Kevin from Belgium

We will learn to break down old pleasuring habits and open up our neurological pathways to create more awareness, and more ways to receive pleasure, deepening our arousal. We will move, touch, massage, celebrate and have fun. This is an advanced workshop for men who have already attended Part 1 or 2 evening workshops.
Book early for lower prices: £35 (upto 31Jan), £28 concession, £45 (from 1stFeb).
Find out more / Register –  * BOOKING OPEN *

I attended two of Kevin’s workshops, he is a great facilitator, giving clear guidance at the beginning about how the workshop would go, reassurance to everyone about respect their boundaries. Lighthearted, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”  

Tuesday 5th MARCH 2018Men In Touch
Covent Garden, London
Led by Andy

An evening of sharing mindful touch and massage. The evening will start with a gentle physical warm up and meditation, followed by touch exercises, undressing ritual, & guided massage exchanges. No previous experience necessary, the perfect introduction to the Men In Touch program!
Book early for low price: £35 (first 16 advance booking), £28 concession, £45 usual price
Find out more / Register – * BOOKING OPEN *

“Thank you, a really special group of men who created a beautiful space.”  – Paul


2. Massage Exchange Evening

Tuesday 3rd APRIL 2018Men In Touch

Covent Garden, London 
Led by Andy

A naked evening of receiving and giving touch designed to release the intuitive inner masseur whether you have lots of experience or none. Rediscover the secrets of the skin & the joys of playful exploration, learn massage techniques, enjoy great connections & celebrate the power of gentle masculinity.
Book early for low price: £35 first 16 advance booking & £28 concession, £45 usual price.
Find out more / Register – * BOOKING OPENS 10th MARCH *

“I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to connect with men in  a deeper level. Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I’m looking forward to next month.”  – Denis


Black & White photos by Craig G. Howe