London Events

Join us on the regular 1st Tuesday of the month evenings in Covent Garden, London to keep in touch & stay connected to men in the city.

Breath & Touch

Tuesday 7th AUGUST 2018Men In Touch

Covent Garden, London
Led by Serge from Greece

This evening is an invitation to connect with the sensations of the body through breath and touch.
In this naturist event, will be partnering up to explore the relationship between breath and touch, incorporating gentle stretches and simple massage techniques. Join us to explore the dynamics between intimacy & breath creating a deeper connection with your body and other men.
£35 first 15 advance booking & £28 concession, £45 usual price.
Find out more / Register – * BOOKING OPENS 10th JULY *


Connection Through Touch

Friday 4th SEPTEMBER 2018Men In Touch,
Covent Garden, London

A new workshop will be led this evening. Details yet to be announced.
£35 first 15 advance booking & £28 concession, £45 usual price.  * BOOKING OPENS 10th AUGUST *


“Thank you, a really special group of men who created a beautiful space.”  – Paul


Black & White photos by Craig G. Howe